Irish pioneers and the settlement of USA

The stories of the settling of the new worlds are remarkable to modern folk.  This project addresses overall immigration and settlement patterns and describes specific O’Donoghue cases

There were numerous points of entry: Ellis Island is the best known point of entry but there were many others including migrants through Canada.

The project would address the how and when of Irish migration and track  a sample of people and their movements to final destinations


Journal articles
April 2002 Tracing my Duniho ancestry – the trail in the USA
October 2004 John Donohoo (1756-1815) of Nelson County, Kentucky and his descendants
January to April 2005 The Donahoos of Maryland
January 2006 The Oregon Trail – Donahoe/Donahue tales
July 2007 Emeralds in the Bluegrass – The Irish of Early Kentucky
April 2008 A Dunnahoo in the Old West
April 2008 The Americanization of Dennis – My Donoghue family story
April 2010 The Acre – A place of new beginnings
April 2011 to January 2012 From Glenflesk to Northfield, Vermont
October 2012 October Challenge Who was the first recorded O’Donoghue in the USA?
April 2016 Donahues of Holyoke, Mass and the lost gravestone
October 2017 O’Donoghues in Onondaga: Fighting in the Courthouse
October 2019  How the Donahoes, Hurleys and other Famine immigrants created a ‘rural ghetto’ on Irish Mountain, West Virginia
October 2019 From Connemara, Ireland to Connemara Patch, Minnesota

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