World War One and the Irish

Consider the implications for the Irish at a pivotal time in Irish history


Journal articles
April 2010 A Memorial to Irishmen who died in World War I – 1914-18
July 2011 From the trenches – 1917
January 2014 1914-2014 – Remembering the First World War
April 2014 Sixty O’Donoghues died in the First World War
October 2014 A Dunphy love story from World War One
October 2014 to July 2015 The Story of Martin H Donohoe, war correspondent extraordinary
October 2017 Third Battle of Ypres centenary: Remembering the O’Donoghue Ilford brothers killed at Passchendaele
January 2018 The Donohue family from New Zealand and WW1

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