Settling the American West – 1820-1920

Intended as a review of the Irish and O’Donoghue (however spelt) involvement in the development of the West from earliest times.

Would cover the Oregon Trail (1840’s), California Gold Rush (1849), Idaho and Montana Gold Rushes following into 1870, Railroads, Copper Mining and
the Copper Kings, etc.


January 2006 The Oregon Trail – Donahoe/Donahue tales
January 2006 John O’Donoghue, The Man Who Built The Emmitsburg Railroad
July 2006 John W. Donihue, Ghost of the Goldrush
October 2016 Cornelius ‘Lame Johnny’ Donahue: Discoverer of the ‘Wind Cave’ of South Dakota

Next steps

This project needs to be broken into smaller time periods when further progressed.

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