Ó Donnchadha tribal history

Objective is to extend our current knowledge of the O’Donoghue tribes of Ireland

Individual projects to be started for all of the tribes on the Historical Origins area


Journal articles
April 2001 The Donohoes of Cavan
January 2003 O’Donoghue tribal history in Cork and Kerry
October 2006 The Milesian Myth and the Scythian Connection
January 2007 The Aran Islands and O’Donoghue history
April 2007 Oral and literary influences on the O’Donoghues Duff from 1641 to the present day
April 2009 The Ua Donnchadha sept of Osraige: A brief introduction
October 2010 The Enigma of the Eóganacht Genetic Signature and the ‘Scythian Marker’
January 2011 Garranes –The Camelot of Ireland
April 2013 The Usurpers of West Munster
October 2013 Awly Mór – the sad fate of Olaf the Great
April 2014 The Eóganachts of Cashel in Kerry
April 2021  The O’Donohoes of Cavan: their origin

Next steps

Work on the tribes/septs not yet covered


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