Patrick Donohoe/Donahue of Marlborough, MA.

I am the 6th generation descendant of Patrick Donohoe(Changed in 1868 when naturalized to a US Citizen to Donahue) who came to the USA from Ireland, County Galway June of 1857. Patrick arrived in the Port of NY. (New York, Ellis Island). Patrick settled in Malborough Ma. in (?) year to work in a shoe factory.

It was one of Patrick’s sons, Edward “William” Donahue, that came to reside in Lynn, MA. from Marlborough, MA. (Date unknown)
Patrick and Betsy had many children and I am still researching those names at this time.
Edward “William” Donahue married Annie Madden and they had John (my G-grandfather) in 1904 who lived his whole life in Lynn, MA just outside of Boston, MA. USA. Again I don’t have all the information on all of William and Annie’s Children. Just my G-Grandfather for now.

John went on to marry Florence Samuelson in 1920 or so, and they had John "Jack" Donahue, my grandfather in 1923. My Grandfather was the eldest of 4, his siblings names Richard Donahue, Kenneth Donahue, and Phyllis Donahue Samuelson. My G-Grandmother Florence, died at the young age of 31 or 32 from pneumonia. My Grandfather Jack was left as the head of the house at the age of 13 after my G-Grandfather John had a nervous breakdown and left the family to fend for themselves.

My Ancestors, Patrick Donahue/Donohoe and Betsy Donahue are buried in an Irish cemetary in Malborough, MA.

Please contact me if anyone has any further information about this Patrick, thanks.

Tim Donahue

May 2005
Chapter: others
County: Galway

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