Descendants of Thomas Donohoe (1844-1925) in Australia

This Group has been set up to facilitate the collection and sharing of information on the DONOHOE lineage in Australia, started by the immigration of Thomas DONOHOE (1844-1925) during the early 1870’s.

Apart from the recording and publishing of statistical information such as Birth, Deaths and Marriages, the major goal of the facility is to record information on the individual lives of the people that make up this lineage.

Photographs, anecdotal stories and facts about the lives of individuals will help to bring this Group to life, and in some way pay homage to the men and women that helped pioneer this great country.

I would urge all that are interested in preserving the triumphs and tribulations of ourselves and our ancestor’s lives, for future generations to ponder, is to immediately sit down with either yourself or with the oldest members of your family and document life-stories. It doesn’t have to be a manuscript – just a simply précis of the highs and lows; of special interest should be those anecdotal stories that that one tends to retell, over and over again. The ones that make you laugh – the ones that make you cry.

Upload these stories and/or titbits of information together with any photographic images you would like to share with the Group. They will be like gold nuggets to future generations.

The intention is to collate the information uploaded by members, and publish it via this web site for all interested parties to browse and ponder.

June 2006
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