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The O'Donoghue Society welcomes everyone of the name, from all over the world, interested in the history and genealogy of our families. The surname has changed in many ways from the Gaelic Irish Ó Donnchadha or Ó Donnchú, and there are a number of different ancestral lineages who have assumed the name Ó Donnchadha in one of its forms. We hope to further our knowledge of the name, however spelt, and help people make connections, both by locating relatives and discovering more about their historical origins.

There are two types of researcher for whom this site is designed. As a subscribing member you will have access to all the resources of the society and to every feature of this site. Our objective is to help you progress your family history research. You will also learn a great deal about the background to and history of our name.

As a guest researcher, for whom there is no subscription, you are able to navigate the entry pages of the features of site. You can only gain access, however, to limited detail. You can use the Message Forum and access The Irish Folklore Centre. Help on research issues will be given if time allows, but members' requirements will take priority.


Registration ensures that you are on the researcher database, and provides password protection. Both members and guests should input their research interests, as it is through knowledge of these that potentially valuable contacts can be made. For a researcher intending to join the society, registration leads to the Pay for Membership process. For guests it gives access to the Message Forum, and enables them to receive regular emails on society activities.

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Heroic Landscapes: Irish Myth and Legend

Written by Rod O’Donoghue with paintings by Tighe O’Donoghue/Ross and published by Jo O’Donoghue of Londubh Books, this 256 page book sets out to give a coherent account of the different strands and eras of Irish myth and legend – how the kaleidoscope of stories fit together – and to present them in a way that is accessible to the general reader. In the words of Professor Dáithí Ó hÓgáin, the eminent folklorist, ‘it fills, uniquely, a gap in Ireland’s cultural heritage’. Go to here for more details

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The Irish Folklore Centre

Sponsored by The O’Donoghue Society, The Irish Folklore Centre is a new venture to capture people’s favourite myths, legends and folk tales together with a related blog in which the country’s folklore can be actively discussed all over the world. It is open to folklore enthusiasts of any name and in any country and those interested in Irish history. Go here for more details.


This site has been designed so that researchers can enter their own data direct onto the databases, subject only to the Society Administrator’s review. You are encouraged to do so

Your ideas, suggestions and comments on our activities are very important to continuing progress. If you wish to communicate with the society on these, or any other matters, please use Rod O’Donoghue’s E-mail page. Full contact details are available here.

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