Family history and research information

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Research Interests

Surname Forename Time Period Actions
Donahue Katherine 1870 approximate    
Donahue John 1850    
Donahue Patrick 1821 to 1881    
Donahue Manday 1803-1868    
donahue timmothy    
Donahue (donohoe) Thomas, Patrick or Mary 1816-1856    
Donahue / Donahoe Rebecca    
Donaughue Jeremy 1770    
Donehue Thomas born 1822    
Donhou Dorothy 1900-?    
Donhou Elizabeth 1858-1922    
Donihoo Thomas Daniel 1849    
Donihoo John 1775    
Donihoo John c1809    
Donihoo John before 1775    
Donnahoo Murray 1825-50    
Donnahoo William 1750-1850    
Donnehoo Benjamin F 1834-1916    
Donnoghue Timothy 1817-Christening    
Donnoghue Florence 1760-?    
Donnoghue Michael 1803    
Donnohue James Harrison Estimated 1790-1860    
Dono(u)ghue (father) James    
Donoghue John 1809-1893    
Donoghue Jeremiah 1854-1900    
Donoghue John 1825-74    
Donoghue Daniel 1830    
Donoghue Mary 1833-1923    
Donoghue Daniel (fr.Mary) 1800?-1875?    
Donoghue Cornelius 1840-1880    
Donoghue Jeremiah 1830-60    
Donoghue Thomas Joseph circa 1847-1920    
Donoghue Julia Mary circa 1835-1921    
Donoghue John born 1824    
Donoghue Jane 1863 - 1886    
Donoghue Ellen c.1810    
Donoghue Daniel b.1811    
Donoghue Patrick b.1830-40    
Donoghue Michael b 1861    
Donoghue Daniel 18th C    
Donoghue Joseph Patrick b.1886    
Donoghue Peter    
Donoghue Patrick before 1881    
Donoghue George b.1839    
Donoghue Timothy before 1857    
Donoghue Edward b.c.1853    
Donoghue John Thomas b.1884    
Donoghue Michael c.1800    
Donoghue Ellen b.c.1847    
Donoghue Julia c.1832    

Specific research interests