Upload resource

If you wish to submit data relating to the O’Donoghue name to the site, please fill in the form below.  The data in any spreadsheet, document or database format can be submitted.

The ‘File type’ field should be set to the appropriate type of file. The ‘Title’ field allows you to give a descriptive title which should cover the range of the data and the ‘Description’ field allows a full description on the nature of the data.

When both are filled in click the ‘Browse’ button to locate the data file on your pc or type the full path to the file in the box. If the ‘File Type’ is set to anything other than Simple document a second file is required, this is created with the conversion tool available to the System Administrator.

When all are filled in click the Submit button to upload the file to the server
The uploaded files will appear on the site as soon as they have been authorised by the System Administrator.

Maximum file size: 200 MB
Conv Filename
Maximum file size: 200 MB


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