On this area of the web site we are showing the O’Donoghue arms so far identified.  Each one has a historical context and has been subject to varying degrees of research.  We have shown the shield, the crest and the motto where we know them.  Full achievements (mantling, helmet etc) will be produced in due course.

The society is deeply indebted to Sir Nicolas J. Donahue Bertolero for the beautiful graphics shown.  As you will have read, reproduction must be handled with care to observe legal requirements.

These pages have been made available to all those who are currently entitled to specific arms where I have been able to trace them, and their permission sought as a courtesy.

The format for each set of arms follows this general pattern

The person to whom the arms were granted
Current person entitled
The blazon
The crest
The motto
Symbolism/meaning of charges (will be addressed at a later date)
Where and when first registered
Research carried out (and in some cases still ongoing)
Ongoing questions

This is work in progress and there are considerable gaps in my knowledge; much more can be discovered with further research.

I do not profess particular expertise in this area, so E&OE.  Please provide new information and point out anything incorrect or misleading.

Specific research interests