Eoghanacht Chaisil

The Rock of Cashel

Eoghanacht Chaisil of County Tipperary


This is the ancient centre for the Munster kings. The O’Donoghues were kings in the 10th and 11th centuries.

The kings of Munster of the Ua Dhonnchadha (O’Donoghues) are described in the Irish annals.  They were

Máel Fhothardaigh, died 957
Dúngal, son of Máel Fhothardaigh, died 1025
And probably his sons
Cuduiligh, died 1038
Mac Raith, died 1043 or 1052.  Annals conflict.
Dúngal, son of Mac Raith, died 1057.
Conor or Conchobhar, described as heir of Cashel, died 1078

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