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For all those interested in history and genealogy and whose names are derived from the Gaelic

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Birth years from census (UK) data
It seems almost universal for people to get a probable birth year from census data by subtracting the age from the census year. Certainly some websites and some census CDs provide this as "helpful" information. For me it isn't helpful and personally I always subtract one more year from the result. All the 19th century censuses except 1841 were taken the first weekend in April, so people were three times more likely to have been born a year earlier. E.g. if a person was 24 in 1851, the accepted guess by subtracting one from the other seems to be 1827 for the birth year. But in point of fact, making of course the big assumption that the age is correct, this person was probably born between April 1826 and the end of March 1827. Born any later and (s)he would have been only 23 at the 1851 census. So for 1851 I subtract the ages from 1850, and similarly for the other censuses. 24 from 1850 gives 1826 which is the true "most probable birth year". If you don't do this you may be looking in the wrong year when you go looking for details in the parish registers. Most baptisms took place before the child was three months old, and usually less than that. For someone who was "24" at the 1851 census, even the baptism may have taken place as early as April or May 1826, so I'd always start looking in 1826 and only go on to 1827 if I couldn't find what I was looking for. In 1841 the census was taken in June, and ages above 15 are usually in a state of confusion reflecting the enumerators' understanding, or more usually lack of understanding, of the guidelines. Ages above 15 were supposed to be rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5, so that "20" stands for anything between 20 and 24 and so on. But many enumerators gave up, ignored the instructions and gave the exact age - and I always offer up silent thanks when they did! But for ages under 15, or where the enumerator gave an age that was not a multiple of five, the birth still has seven chances out of twelve (and therefore still slightly more than 50%) of having taken place in the year before the one you get by merely subtracting the age from the census year. Source: Tony Woodward (GOONS)

Research Interests Register

This register shows all the specific research interests submitted by society researchers. Searches for christian name, surname can be carried out. Click on Surname or Forename for further origin and migration details and on Researcher for contact details.
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Surname Forename Researcher Origin County
Donoghue Patrick Patrick McCabe ROS
Donoghue Patrick Anthony Donoghue
Donoghue Patrick Nuala O' Donoghue KER
donoghue patrick Debbie Donohue COR
donoghue patrick Debbie Donohue COR
Donoghue Peter Patrick Donovan IRE
Donoghue Robert Norman Donoghue PA
Donoghue Roger Marcia Davidson KER
Donoghue Thomas Rod O'Donoghue KER
Donoghue Thomas Davina (Dee) Gilmore-Stewart nee O'Donoghue KER
Donoghue Thomas Margo Snowden LIM
donoghue thomas Stafford Hall LEX
donoghue thomas john barry donoghue TIP
Donoghue Timothy Esme Kirk KER
Donoghue Timothy Brigitte Donoghue COR
Donoghue William Michael Paul Donoghue DUB
Donoghue William John Joseph Donoghue
Donoghue William Catherine O Donoghue COR
Donoghue (father) Edward Rodney Smith MEA
Donoghue / O'Donohue Michael Marie Luna-O'Donahue KER
Donoghue And O' Donoghue All Names Steve Donoghue COR
Donoghue O'Connell Ellen Karen H Dethloff TIP
Donoghue, Donahue Dora Jeff Regan COR
Donoghue/Donnoghue Timothy (John?) Toni O'Donoghue KER
Donoghue/Donohue Thomas John Evan Thomas Donohue LEX
Donoghue;;;O'Donoghue Michael /John /Patrick Nora O'Donoghue Dooley KER
Donoher Noel Kevin Donoher DUB
Donoho Elizabeth Mary Helen Adams
Donoho James Sandra J. Bolton
Donoho James Patsy Bernice Visse
Donoho Mathew Alan Corsom Adamson Donoho
Donoho Paul Paul Donoho
Donoho William William Donoho KY
Donoho William Marion Larry Donihoo
Donoho Donaghey Stephen Wilma McFarland TYR
Donohoe All Joseph A. V Donohoe CAV
Donohoe All Anita D Donohoe CAV
Donohoe Charlotte Alan Frederick Donhou KEN
Donohoe Daniel Linda Stanley DON
Donohoe Darby David Donahoo TIP
Donohoe Edward Mollie Donohue LOG
Donohoe Edward Kathleen Donohoe GAL
Donohoe Edward Melva Levandoski
Donohoe Helen Kim Cannon LIM
Donohoe James Vincent J Donohoe OFF