There are a number of Search routines available on the site.  They will all be influenced by a feature which is particularly Irish ie the apostrophe

  • There are three "tick" marks available on computers  ' ´ ` . They are not the same as far as computers are concerned
  • The two easily used on a computer keyboard are ' and ` with ´ available via Symbols.  Searching for O`Donoghue will not find entries such as O'Donoghue.
  • The tick variant used by members or guest is not necessarily consistent but ' is the most likely.   So pages/names/posts/etc may have any of them. 
  • If you want to search for Donoghue and to ignore O'Donoghue you have to put a space in front of Donoghue in the search string, otherwise it will match the Donoghue part of the O'Donoghue name 
  • In essence the search looks for (anything)Donoghue(anything) so O'Donoghue is a match
  • Adding a space makes the search   (anything) Donoghue(anything) which does NOT match O'Donoghue because the ' does not match the space


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